Wanderlost in Istanbul

I found myself drawn to Turkey again and again last year - Bodrum, Dalaman, Istanbul and the most magical Cappadocia. As an artist, Istanbul had an air of exotic inspiration, a confluence of east and west. I met other artists working and living there and imagined staying there forever.


A starry, gilded window in the Topkapi Palace:

We stayed up all night and took off in a hot air balloon before sunrise, over one hundred balloons took off at the same time!

East meets West in the Orient Express Train Station:

Marina, head of production in Turkey for the Sukiso collection, and Suki playing dress up at Soho House Istanbul:

Suki and Sam Sourcing fabrics:

I got lost in the Grand Bazaar sourcing inspiration for my summer bohemian kimonos and now kaftans for fall. Everywhere I looked I found jewels - literally! Agate collars from Uzbekistan, necklaces dripping with antique coins. I wanted to bring them home and give to all of my friends.

I decided to start my collection Sukiso while in Istanbul and found an amazing team of women in Turkey to help me produce there.


Suki and Sam sourcing kaftans in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul:

Suki Showing her art in Istanbul at Boho House:

You can dine in the water in the coastal towns off the coast of Bodrum, they have chairs and tables out in the ocean and waiters float up to you!

Sailing past Cleopatra’s Island in Turkey. 


Suki and Laura (Founder of Dressbarn partner Shippo) sailing away from Bodrum to Dalaman: